Covercraft Car Covers are Used at Top Car Shows Across America

When you’ve invested a ton of time and a ton of cash restoring a conventional to show off it at the Concurs d’Elegance, you’ll faster take a bullet to the chest than chance a passing chook or other wind borne assailant ruining your paint process and clean coat of vehicle wax. When you need real protection from all of existence’s dangers, Covercraft automobile covers are your satisfactory line of protection.

Car covers are one of the handiest approaches to shield your end from fading and abuse. They’re also one of the maximum precious automobile accessories or truck accessories you will ever buy. The long lasting fabric determined in a Covercraft automobile cover prevents toxic goo (hen droppings, tree sap and acid rain) from attaining your finish. More importantly, it blocks the tough rays of the sun that oxidize your paint activity and depart it looking dull and worn. While a sunburn will heal in time, the damage inflicted whilst paint oxidizes is everlasting. Covercraft automobile covers are custom-tailored to your car’s precise make, version and year, whether or not you are in the marketplace for Mustang add-ons or Corvette accessories, and provide the longest-lasting wear and highest degree of protection via a custom-tailored match.

Covercraft is a legend in the enterprise. Known for unsurpassed fine, a Covercraft covers are both built of the very best pleasant fabrics and are available a big choice of colors and thicknesses, to cowl the whole thing from paintings trucks and conventional muscle motors to special European game motors and daily commuters. They characteristic an effect-loose internal layer of polyethylene and nylon blend it truly is mild on your end. The significant layer of the fabric repels water with its vapor-porous layout, whilst remaining breathable to allow moisture to escape and prevent the formation of mildew and mold.

Car covers are weatherproof, extremely durable and available in a variety of colors and fabrics to suit the demands of your environment and personal flavor. Plus, they fold as much as in shape smartly into the nook of your trunk.

The various thicknesses to be had are some other crucial feature. Similar to car bras, heavier automobile covers prevent dents, dings and the inevitable paint-transfer from a runaway shopping cart whilst you leave your automobile parked out in public. The turn aspect to that is the vintage Ford Falcon Cobra 351 V8 that only sees the mild of day some times a yr (generally within the center of summer season on an afternoon with 0 humidity). Believe it or no longer, it wishes a vehicle cowl too. Over time, dust and other tiny airborne particles gather in a skinny layer on the surface of the vehicle. Brush towards it and also you go away tiny scratches that display up after a wash. All this could be averted with a light-weight, indoor Covercraft car cover. So whether or not you are leaving your vehicle for an hour or an afternoon, protect your finish from the unforeseen.


One of the best-selling Renault models in Brazil wins the limited series Duster Outdoor, a great option for those who want to acquire an SUV and to enter this segment with all the main qualities that the model offers: robustness, interior space and design. Derived from the Expression 1.6 16V version, the Duster Outdoor brings components that further enhance the design of the model, but are present only as optional and in more equipped versions. This is the case with black mask lights and alloy wheels. The Expression version of the Duster has an option to purchase without the above equipment, but the Limited series Outdoor offers these items for the same price of entry R $ 59,990.00. Available in four color options: White Glacier, Silver Etoile, Amazon Green and Fire Red, the model is identified with the Outdoor stickers affixed to the sides and the trunk lid. In the interior of the vehicle, the same qualities available throughout the Duster line, such as comfort and optimum interior space to accommodate five passengers, were maintained. The Duster Outdoor is equipped with power steering, air conditioning, power windows and blinds, ABS brakes, dual airbag and Sound by Arkamys 3D CD / MP3 radio with USB and auxiliary connection. Its 1.6 16V Hi-Flex engine plays 115 hp (ethanol) and 110 hp (gasoline) @ 5,750 rpm. Fore more details about car protection click on toyota 4runner car covers


3 year warranty

Like all Renault models marketed in the country, the Duster Outdoor limited series is also marketed with a full factory warranty of 36 months or 100,000 kilometers (whichever comes first). This benefit is possible due to the durability, robustness and ease of maintenance offered by the model.


– After the first photos presented in September, Renault showed all the information about the new generation of the Espace model, which is present in the Paris Motor Show. The vehicle is influenced by the design of the Renault Initale Paris presented in Frankfurt 2013. Debuting the new CMF modular platform, the new Espace is 250 kg less than its predecessor and will be available in five and seven seat versions. The dimensions of the Renault Espace are 4,850 mm long, 1,680 mm high and 1,870 mm wide, which means slight changes compared to the model it replaces. The new generation is 19 cm shorter than the current Espace and 1 cm in relation to the Grand Espace, and also 14 cm and 12 cm lower, respectively. The width has increased by 1 cm, while the ground distance is 4 cm higher. The powertrain includes diesel dCi 130CV and ENERGY dCi 160CV EDC, while in gasoline blocks the ENERGY TCE 200CV EDC is the only option available. They all use a turbocharger (two in the case of the 160CV engine) and in the case of the pair of more powerful engines there is a dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission, which is manual in the 130CV version.

The new Renault Espace makes use of the same Laguna 4CONTROL steering system, while the suspension is of variable hardness and adapts to each of the available driving modes. There are four, in addition to the possibility of creating a personal configuration, and depending on the choice between ECO, Comfort, Neutral and Sport the interior lighting is changing. The interior of the Renault Espace presents all the technologies available, with all the information presented in digital format on the screens placed in front of the steering wheel and in the central console, and still using the feature of a head-up display. The infotainment makes use of the second generation of R-Link technology, accessible through an 8.7-inch screen placed in the center.


Renault will present at the Paris Motor Show next week, the fifth generation of Espace, a traditional model of the brand that has 30 years of history. Without going into details, the French brand informs that the new version of the seven-seat model is a crossover and not a minivan, as it always was. The production version, which will go on sale in 2015, inherits a few lines from the Initiale Paris Concept presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013. However, Renault has reinforced the modularity of Espace, which can have configurations of 5 or 7 seats and has an infotainment system with a touch screen. It will be manufactured from the new modular base CFM1 and should come equipped with four-cylinder turbo engines and LED front and rear lights in the most equipped versions.


The Renault EspaceInitiale Paris features an interior with Nappa leather upholstery in dark brown or dark brown combined with dark gray. The front seats are electrically heated and fitted with a built-in massage system, the steering wheel is covered in leather and the windows are darkened. The car also features a BOSE Surround Sound sound system, Visio System Pack for visibility enhancement, license plate recognition system, automatic lights, speed alert, track change alert system and the Advanced Pack Security System which alerts the driver and prevents collisions and can brake the car automatically. The Espace can come equipped with two engines: the Energy TCe 200 EDC and Energy dCi 160 EDC, both powered by diesel.


Recognized for its robustness, comfort, economy and safety, it brings the brand’s new visual identity as well as the new interior, new fabrics in the seats, ABS brakes and dual airbag as standard. Now with the cheapest side door on the market, which increases day-to-day functionality, Kangoo also offers the highest load capacity in the segment: 800 kg and also features asymmetrical rear doors with a wide 180º opening angle. “Kangoo is a great choice to meet the needs of a variety of industries, including sellers, fleet owners and service providers who carry small and medium-sized cargoes, as Kangoo can receive transformations such as isothermal model, simple ambulance removal and others. Now with the proposal to have a side door more in mind, we seek to bring within reach of the customer this essential item for the day-to-day, making loading and unloading easier. This brings agility and time savings to those who choose Kangoo, “said Bruno Hohmann, chief marketing officer for Renault Brazil.

Vice-leader in sales in the small vans segment in 2012, Renault Kangoo closed 2013 with a 17.5% market share. This represents a growth of 4.7% compared to 2012, in a segment that registered a drop of 15.1%. This result is a record of the model in Brazil since its launch in 2000. For customers who care about fuel economy and cost reduction, Kangoo 2015 is rated “A” in the Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program developed by the Institute National Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (Inmetro) and National Environment Council (Conama). The search for more efficient engines is in Renault DNA and is part of the company’s history. One of the development labs is Formula 1, where the brand has 12 world builder titles. The model is equipped with the 1.6 16V Hi-Flex engine, which develops power of 98.3 hp (ethanol) and 95 hp (petrol), at 5,000 rpm. The maximum torque is 15.3 kgfm (ethanol) and 15.1 kgfm (gasoline), at 3,750 rpm. Internally the new features of the Kangoo 2015 are the cabin seats, now with new fabrics more comfortable and resistant. Already the instrument panel and the door coverings have gained dark tonality, in the colorcarbonicafoncé. In a choice of solid color (White) and two metallic (Silver Etoile and Gray Quartz), the Kangoo 2015 is available for sale starting at $ 40,850.

Renault Pro + offers special assistance to fleet owners and professionals

With 53 points all over Brazil, “Renault Pro +” is a service system aimed at fleet owners, service providers and all those who have a vehicle in the vehicle. Executed in partnership with dealerships all over Brazil and aimed at individuals or small, medium and large companies, Renault Pro + covers services ranging from marketing to after sales. That is: from the receptionist to the mechanic. In addition, the customer also has Renault Assistance, a 24-hour service and technical assistance service that provides a technician to perform minor on-site repairs and, in cases where repair is not possible, the removal of the car to the nearest dealership.


The new Logan line 2015 arrives, which since its launch has joined Sandero among the highlights of Renault’s sales in the country. In the first half, for example, were 21,164 registered placards, 10,590 more than the same period last year, a growth of 99%. “The new Logan arrived with a design that fell in the taste of the consumer combining the robustness of the previous generation and still accessible innovation, with equipment unprecedented. The top-of-the-line Dynamique is a commercial success and already accounts for 30% of the sedan’s sales mix. In the line 2015 happens to offer leather bench as optional. The leather is drilled in the central part of the front seats and topped with elegant light gray stitching. Parallel to the new leather option, the Dynamique series standard seats also receive a new light carbon tone fabric. In the 2015 line, the Authentique 1.0 16V Hi-Power version comes with standard rear defroster, hot air and power steering. And the Expression 1.0 16V version with 1.0 engine started to bring factory air-conditioning. In addition, the New Logan has in the interior space and quality of life on board one of its strongest points. Thanks to the 2,635-meter wheelbase, five adults travel comfortably in the sedan. The interior space is also perceived in the trunk, with a huge capacity of 510 liters.

In the 2015 line, the New Logan continues to be offered in three finishing versions (Authentique, Expression and Dynamique) and two engine options: 1.0 16V Hi-Power and 1.6 8V Hi-Power. The entry version Authentique 1.0 16V leaves for R $ 32,290, including already the power steering. The Expression 1.0 16V and 1.6 8V versions come out, respectively, for R $ 37,990 (already with air conditioning) and R $ 41,550. The top of the line Dynamique 1.6 8V has suggested price of $ 45,850 – the optional leather seats cost $ 1,140.


The New Logan 2015 retains the benefits of the factory’s three-year warranty (or 100,000 kilometers). The revisions planned by Renault must be made at intervals of 10,000 kilometers. Keeping the New Logan in order costs less than $ 1 per day (for non-air-conditioned versions) by dividing the total cost of the maintenance program by the number of days of the three-year warranty.


– Renault showed last week in the UK the new GT220 line for Mégane

Available for the hatch, coupe and wagon versions, the edition is equipped with a chassis manufactured by Renaultsport, 18-inch wheels, sports brakes with 320 mm disc at the front and 260 mm at the rear and several changes to improve performance. The GT220 engine is mechanically equipped with a 2.0-liter, 16-valve turbocharged engine that produces 223 hp and 340 Nm of torque and is coupled to a six-speed manual transmission. In these configurations, the model makes from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 240 km / h. The redesigned sport-inspired design features a new front bumper with a large central air intake, and the rear is equipped with a large air diffuser. Inside, some details in red and the GT inscription on the seats. The price in the British market starts at 23,245 pounds, something around the 103 thousand reals.